10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Startup Weekend


Hi Everyone! Startup Weekend San Fernando Valley is in 10 days and I thought I’d share with you 10 reasons WHY you should attend this super awesome event happening at Gazoozle (map it)  Sign up here 


  1. NETWORK – You’re going to meet some of the greatest individuals; Entrepreneurs, Developers, Designers, Marketing Experts, Tech Leaders, Coaches, Startup Enthusiasts and even your future business partner (it happens). Just like you, they’ll want to meet YOU. Startup Weekend is so much more than giving birth to your IDEAS and VISIONS – it’s a place where lasting business relationships are built.
  2. LEARN – I cannot stress this enough. You will learn so much and it’ll open your mind to so many things that are going on today and what to expect in the future of Tech. When I first attended Bay Area Startup Weekend, not only did I learn the tools of the trade, the trends, first hand knowledge of Startups and creative approaches to problem solving, I even gained contacts that have turned into friendships that I still have to this day.
  3. INSPIRE – Inspiration? Guaranteed to happen here. If you found yourself still wondering why things aren’t moving at the pace it should be, maybe it’s because we just need some inspiration. You will definitely get that awesome feeling the moment you step foot at the event. Let’s admit it, we have our passions, dedication to what we do (hopefully most of you), but for those burnt out from everyday mundane tasks – that will dramatically change here. You’ll wake up that following Monday truly inspired by so many things you picked up from Startup Weekend.  Who loves waking up on a Monday motivated? I know I do!
  4. FAIL FAST – Succeed Faster!  Taken from the words of entrepreneurs and startups that have failed not once, twice, but more than and was happy to do so because it’s all about not wasting time. The faster you realize certain things don’t work or that maybe you need to reevaluate your idea(s), the sooner you can change things. And failure is actually not a bad thing, it’s an action and emotion that we’ve all experienced and moved on from. That is why this 54 hours/One Weekend learning experience is something you don’t want to miss. FAILURE is an Option and It’s perfectly fine.
  5. PERKS – We have loads of goodies, swags, and prizes in store for you. From amazing sponsors who know the challenges of entrepreneurs and startups by providing cool stuff, to a weekend of all you can consume of great food, snacks, energy drinks and coffee!
  6. COACHES/MENTORS/SPEAKERS – Coaches and Mentors are valuable assets to the community and they will be dedicating their time to be there to share and provide you with the advice you seek. Normally, having such great individuals such as these wonderful people cost a lot, but they will be here and they have tons of insights. Take advantage!
  7. COFOUNDER – If you’re a solopreneur and know that you just can’t do everything yourself, it’s time to tell yourself that you need a partner. A business partner, teammate, whatever it is to help take the load off and share the vision to success… you’re going to want a cofounder. Already have one? Why not bring them with you and grow that partnership with a team of talented people. CoFoundersLab has done an awesome job of helping us in this area and you’ll want to use their tools after the event.
  8. BE PART OF A GROWING COMMUNITY – At Startup Weekend, our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams, and communities. Although the San Fernando Valley is part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, we are a community of our own with passionate people who want to make this area a hub for the brightest minds to build global and sustainable businesses. 
  9. GLOBAL MOVEMENT – As startups are formed, teams are built, and ideas take flight, what we do today and how we impact the future as a community will be the catalyst to making waves in Tech.
  10. FUN, FUN, FUN!!! – Aside from all the work you know you’ll be doing, and the networking, and learning you’ll gain, we still know how to have fun. Just ask our past attendees from our first Startup Weekend. It was fun, and that’s what it’s about. Do what you love and having FUN. Loads of FUN!!!  Besides, what else are you planning to do? Watch TV? Laundry? No way – make a decision, and take advantage now. Register today and quit pondering on whether or not you should go, YOU SHOULD GO and make things happen. Here’s a 25% discount off the regular admission: “SFV2014SW” and of course “STUDENT” is $50 off with your ID.  Visit us here: http://sfv.startupweekend.org/