First & Second Speaker For Friday August 1: “Failure”


Sergey Sundukovskiy, Ph.D

He spoke on Failure! Excellent topic and very fascinating PowerPoint! Great speaker!

Fantastic weekend ahead! There are many people here observing, as well as for the whole weekend!


Product Un-Fail Roadmap was one of his PowerPoint pages

Fabian Geyrhalter

Founder and Principal of FINIEN

Brand – Service, Product, Company, or person with Sould that is attractive & Smart!

What happens? What are you going to do with the brand? Brand atmosphere

You cannot afford not to think about branding!

Start with brand platform

Buy domain

Brand identity – logo

verbal aspect

Next day will be about target audience!

Step #1 What you do…. WHY?

Actually speaking about starting up a company and what happens…

Patagonia  Silent Sports Us and nature

Identifying core values

Build best product

Nature & me

Write down your story!

Give – Product development\Who do you talk with? Empathy! Understand them! Connect with them!

Takeaways & insights

Every brand has a sweet spot!

Step 2 – He changed his name to FINIEN – Naming company: seed and then you complete it! If there is no story, make one and complete it!

Make it descriptive if you can!

409 – It took 408 times to get it right! WOW!!!! Can you believe that? Get it right! :0)

Make it timeless – Don’t create a hidden logo!


Component 4: Simple

Component 5: Flexible

Takeaways & Insights

Think about that this weekend!

If you missed these two speakers, don’t worry, there are still more speakers to come Saturday and Sunday!