Saturday Speaker: Gregory Seymour “All About People”


Greg Seymour, DTM
CEO and Leadership Coach



Gregory Seymour is a business owner, author and inspirational speaker. His leadership talk today is titled, “All About People!”

He will also be an available coach for your groups this afternoon!

Listen to ideas… It will lead to success!

A good team has the leader behind the scenes.

Everyone can’t be a leader

Learn what is necessary to be a good leader

Be open to good ideas

For more information on Gregory, see his website at:  Seymour

Focus on one step at a time!

If you keep progressing, you will get there! Listen to each other! Everyone has great value, but not in every area!

Look at what your team can do for you!

All of this is what Gregory was speaking about today, plus more!

Stand behind and do what needs to be done and let the team work. Be behind your team all the way! He is giving away his book right now to one lucky winner.