Teams Formed & Teams Picked


There were 48 people tonight who paid for the whole weekend and 24 pitches however, only 7 teams were formed!

Who was your favorite? Come on Saturday and Sunday and see which team actually  will win!

These were the people who pitched:

  1. Niki – Chain: Like twitter with video, two way channel for video, users can be part of content
  2. Brynne – Festivi: Music festival goer aggregation
  3. Adam – Teamz Platofrm to allow teams to showcase their projects, for businesses that are looking  for teams
  4. Tito – Delegate: An app on core principles of mobile first, language based sharing
  5. Max – Groupthink: collaboration on tutoring, studying, marketplace
  6. Sammy – Nanoday: Outlook like, for personal every day
  7. David – Brushlogger: Tootbrush that connects to wifi, keeps track of your brushing habits
  8. Alina – Brisk: Mix between AirBnB & Uber, tailored to animals. People come take care of your pet (petsitter)
  9. Masaa – Business Spaces: Platform that can allow people to rent manufacturing spaces while in off hours
  10. Katherine – ChildU: simple program for children
  11. William – Clinic Meter: Rating system for all medical services, proprietary medical rating system
  12. Shiva – iSmart: Context sensitive smartphone
  13. Jennifer – Language Helper: Platform for people to connect with other people to help them improve their language
  14. Armen – LinkedGeneration: Platform to break stereotypes, introduce people to other older people
  15. Kimo – Pilot Angel: Monitor people’s brainwaves to wake them up when they’re dozing off
  16. Ruo Hai – Question: Platform of experts in all different areas, they can answer any type of question for you
  17. David Martel – SoundMe: Soundsharing tech, virtualizes headphone splitter, universal protocol, music sync’ing with friends
  18. Chris Chen – Start Exchange: App that focuses on referrals and introduction, like LinkedIn but with context (how did you know them)
  19. Nathan – Teddy Ruxpin 2.0, wifi enabled, downloads new phrases, like Siri, multilingual, knows bed time, smartest toy ever owned
  20. Gabriel – TravelUnited: app that lets you connect with other travelers in same location
  21. Vivien – uPark: Parking communication app, parking sensors, see what spots are available
  22. Adrian – Vidium: Video creation to be crowd sourced
  23. Niki – Wishfab: An app to pull distributing and social networking to create better streamlined fashion

The top 7 teams above highlighted in color, were the teams chosen this weekend.

Tomorrow there will be more speakers and those teams will work with some coaches to help them come up with the winning business!